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The proof that the CEO is the key to successful customer engagement

Friday 07 April 2017

A CEO who instinctively considers the customer as part of their decision making processes will automatically lead a company to success. Customer engagement will be the key differentiator assuming, of course, all the other components are on track. This is something I have come to believe in strongly, based on my experience working with many organisations of various sizes over the years.

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Take some NPS, add some insight: a recipe for customer engagement success

Monday 16 January 2017

Is better customer engagement one of your resolutions for 2017?  If it is then what is the best recipe for success?

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The customer journey - why is it so important?

Wednesday 26 October 2016

Company success and growth now more than ever hinges around how a company deals with it's customers.

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Top tips for a successful customer satisfaction survey

Friday 23 September 2016
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The wonder of customer insight

Friday 09 September 2016

How well do you really know your customers? This may help.

We have identified key touchpoints where you can gather customer insights - the trick is to make sure you are on top of them all. Read More

If you could sanity check your customer relationships - what should be at the top of your list?

Thursday 02 June 2016

At Bsquared we believe in listening to your customers – customers are individuals and they like to be heard. Most people appreciate your taking the time to listen to what they have to say.

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Keep improving customer loyalty – it’s crucial for customer retention

Monday 16 May 2016

Customer loyalty is something every business endeavours to improve but it’s difficult to measure and the benefits are often subjective and not quantifiable. When senior management are taking investment decisions, they may take some convincing that improvements in customer loyalty actually bring benefits to the bottom line.

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How to promote strong, sustainable customer relationships

Friday 01 April 2016

Customer loyalty and customer satisfaction are important measures for B2B organisations.

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To clearly hear the Voice of your Customer - be simple, straightforward and succinct

Friday 18 March 2016

Measuring and monitoring the Voice of the Customer is as crucial to B2B companies as it is in the B2C world.

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Survey finds only 29% of B2B customers are engaged - why I'm not surprised

Monday 22 February 2016

B2B companies are failing to engage 70% of their customer base according to a recent Gallup report.

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