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Face-to-face customer reviews give startling customer insight

Wednesday 13 January 2016

It's a simple fact that the more you know about your customers and what they need from you, the better you can provide for them. Giving them better service is the best way of improving customer loyalty.

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How to get closer to your customers

Friday 08 January 2016

Do you have long term contracts with customers? Are you regularly monitoring the strength of your customer relationships? Do you regularly check that your customers are happy with your services? Do you know if your customers are confident in your ability to deliver to their expectations?

Steve Jobs' mantra is as important to B2B customers relationships as it is to those in the consumer world. Understanding and monitoring your customer engagement is vital to ensure you are at the top of the list when contracts come up for renewal and that you keep your customers from entertaining your competitors. Read More

Improving your customer loyalty starts with a simple step

Tuesday 05 January 2016

The journey towards improving your customer loyalty starts with the simple step of measuring where you are now.

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