B2B customer engagement

Bsquared benchmark research results 2016


  • Only 8% of companies are 'mature' in their approach to customer engagement (Bsquared)
  • On average 80% of a company's future revenue will come from just 20% of its existing customers (Gartner)
This ebookBsquared customer engagement report 2016 shows the areas to focus on to improve the customer engagement maturity of your own organisation.

Customer engagement is recognised as playing an increasingly important part in an organisation’s ability to create competitive differentiation and improve customer loyalty and customer retention. Companies that have a customer-centric approach and a clearly articulated customer engagement strategy regularly out-perform those that don’t.

We find that many B2B companies struggle to understand, measure and profit from their customer relationships.

At the end of the ebook you'll be able to take the assessment to benchmark your own company's customer engagement